Cafe Prep

CAFE Prep is an adult literacy and vocational culinary training combination program. Participants will advance their English proficiency, TASC/GED preparedness, or prepare for college (CAR) while learning culinary skills from a professional chef. Participants will receive NYS Food Protection Exam preparation upon completion of the program. Classes are held Mondays through Thursdays for 12 weeks.

Requirements for the Program

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Must be enrolled in a CAFE Prep Literacy Program (TASC, ESOL, or College CAR)
  • ESOL CAFE Prep applicants must pass BEST + Testing with at least a level 4
  • Interested in working in the culinary field after completion of the program
  • Reference letter from anyone outside of your family
  • Excellent work ethic, teamwork, consistent, and punctual