Q: When does the fellowship begin and end?
The fellowship does not have a fixed start and end date; you need to complete 8 weeks of work in the summer (for 30 hours per week).  Summer housing dates will be finalized this spring, covering the months of June, July and part of August.  Please note: additional housing costs will apply for interim or extended housing.
Q: What type of projects and positions do GVA Fellows pursue? Do they have to pursue service work related to their service internships?
George Van Amson Fellows pursue a variety of work both in the nonprofit sector and in higher education. Fellows have developed projects in the areas of education, administration, social work, law, policy, and program and events management. See our past Fellows profile section for more detailed information.
Q: Is previous volunteer experience with Community Impact required?  Is previous internship experience required?
No. However, you must secure the commitment for your internship for your application. The Employment Verification form is due by the application deadline.
Q: Are there any restrictions, such as religious affiliations, on the nonprofit organization where I intern?
There are no restrictions as to affiliation; however, the internship must be full-time (30 hours a week) and unpaid.
Q: I have secured an internship with an international nonprofit organization.  They also have an office in New York City, which is where I would intern this summer.  Is this internship eligible for the Fellowship?
Yes. The Selection Committee will evaluate these proposals on a case-by-case basis. In other words, we suggest you apply!
Q: What privileges and responsibilities are associated with the Fellowship?
There are a number of privileges and responsibilities that come with being a Van Amson Fellow, including being honored at a ceremony, featured in Community Impact publications, and opportunities for private consultation with Community Impact alumni and staff. Fellows are also responsible for fulfilling all the requirements of the fellowship, including attending all organizational events, writing a final essay, submitting an evaluation, and speaking at special CI events.
Q: Will I be a good candidate for this fellowship if I have secured multiple, short-term internships that total the 8-week, 30 hour-per-week requirement?
In order to qualify for the Van Amson Fellowship, you must have secured ONE full-time internship that lasts for a minimum of 8 weeks for the specified 30 hours per week.
Q: I am working on a project proposal with a couple of other undergraduates.  Is the GVA Fellowship awarded for projects in addition to individuals?  Are we each eligible to apply for the same project?
The Fellowship is awarded to individual students, not for projects to be undertaken by multiple students.  While we evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis solely on the merits of each proposal, it is very unlikely that multiple applicants would be selected for any single project.  We receive many wonderful, social justice-oriented proposals, and the Fellowship simply doesn't have the capacity to accommodate them all.
Q: Are letters of recommendations required?
Letters of recommendation are not required; however, professional, academic, and/or community references are. Please provide the names and contact information for two professional, academic, and/or community references. Examples include college professor, high school teacher, work supervisor, volunteer supervisor, colleague, pastor, coach, etc. Be sure to select references that speak to your character, work ethic, skills, and strengths. A member of the selection committee will contact the reference before official fellowship selection. 
Q: If I am not in need of the sponsored housing during the summer, does that mean I will get an additional stipend? *
No. The fellowship stipend is a fixed amount and therefore you will not receive additional funds if you do not use the sponsored housing. Details on housing will be available later in the spring. As part of the fellowship benefit, students are offered on campus housing for June, July, and part of August in a double room. Please note there is a fee for campus housing if you move in before the official move date or extend the move out date.
*Campus housing for 2022 is not yet confirmed, following COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. If you require housing this summer, you must apply separately through the Barnard Housing Application.*
Q: What if I have not secured my internship or my employer has not submitted the Employer Verification Form by the due date?
Only applicants who have secured an internship and submitted the Employer Verification form will be eligible for selection.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all application materials are submitted by the due date. 
Q:  Are current seniors (graduating this spring) eligible for the GVA Fellowship for the upcoming summer?
Unfortunately, no.  Current seniors who will graduate this spring are not eligible for the GVA Fellowship for the upcoming summer.  While we'd like to offer more Fellowships at some point in the future, the Fellowship program currently serves ongoing undergraduate students.  
Q: How can I ask additional questions?
Please email Cait Hughes [email protected]