Student Executive Board



Community Impact represents one of the student governing boards at Columbia University to provide a home for all community service groups on campus.  Other governing boards on campus include SGB, ABC, IGB, Club Sports, and Hillel.  The student portion of Community Impact is run primarily by seven elected Student Executives who oversee all Community Impact programming, coordinators, and volunteers.  The Student Executives work closely with the Community Impact staff to facilitate operations at Community Impact.

Shared Responsibilities

The Community Impact Student Executive Board strives to support CI’s mission of advancing the public good by engaging Columbia University students in high-quality service. The Student Executive board works closely with the CI undergraduate group program coordinators, CI Board of Directors, CI Staff, Columbia University administration, Columbia University faculty, and CI partner agencies to develop new and strengthen past initiatives for the continued improvement of CI and community service at Columbia. The Student Executive board is highly collaborative and shares many responsibilities. Student Executives spend about half of their time on shared responsibilities, including advising 3 to 4 CI groups, attending weekly staff and Student Executive meetings, and assisting as needed in all major Community Impact Events. Additionally, these responsibilities include liaising with other Columbia student groups on campus, joining committees on the CI Board of Directors, and any new initiatives that the Student Executive Board might want to pursue. For example, in the past semester, the Student Executive Board collaborated with the Center for Career Education and over 15 outside organizations to host the first annual Community Impact Non-Profit Career Fair.

Individual Responsibilities

In addition to the shared responsibilities, each Student Executive has a distinct role:
  • Campus Affairs Officer
  • Community Engagement Officer
  • Internal Affairs Officer
  • Marketing Officer
  • Operations Officer
  • Treasurer

2019-2020 Student Executives

Noah Avigan, Campus Relations

Samuel Cheng, Treasury

Anne-Marie Dillon, Community Engagement

Paulina Fein, Marketing

Caroline Jobson, Treasury

Mabel Tie, Campus Relations

Avah Toomer, Community Engagement

Tamarah Wallace, Operations

Angela Wei Jiang, Operations


Are you a current Columbia student interested in becoming a Community Impact Student Executive? Please be on the lookout for more information about the application process in Spring 2020.