College Road is not a class, but a complete package of services designed to help you through every step of the college application process. Counselors work with students one-on-one to find the right college for them, complete admissions applications, and explore financial aid and funding options. College tours and campus visits are also arranged so that students can be confident with the schools they have selected. At the end of this process we will even help pay for testing and application fees.
To help ensure that our TASC and CAT Prep students are ready for college level work, Community Impact offers a wide range of extra curricular programs that expand and enrich our test prep classes. A 6-week College Prep seminar series is taught by Columbia University faculty that introduces advanced students to college level assignments and discussions. We also offer luncheon seminars taught by Columbia professors who discuss selected topics from Columbia’s renowned “Core Curriculum,” as well as one-on-one mentoring with Columbia Students, daily tutoring, computer literacy workshops, and access to computer directed learning such as Khan Academy. Thanks to our affiliation with Columbia University, we are able to introduce new, unique enrichment programs every year to meet our students’ needs.
Due to the high demand, College Road services are offered exclusively to students enrolled in one of Community Impact’s Adult Education Programs.