Our Impact

Despite the pandemic, Community Impact's programs continued to deliver quality services directly to the community.

2021 Total Volunteers pie chart image: Emergency Food Programs 10%, Adult Programs 45%, Youth Programs 45%

Even with a limited number of students on campus and strict health guidelines across the city, CI recruited over 400 volunteers from September 2020 through August 2021 -- no small feat given the circumstances. The dedication of the CI volunteer is unmatched!

2021 Adult Education Program Participants pie chart image: Cafe Prep 3%, Waiver 18%, ESOL 28%, TASC 51%

Community Impact continued to serve thousands of New Yorkers throughout the pandemic, just as we have over the past 40 years. Our Adult Education Programs served nearly 1,500 participants virtually. We could not be more proud of the participants who were determined to accomplish their educational goals.

2021 Emergency Food Clients pie chart image: Seniors 30%, Children 17%, Adults 53%

Emergency Food Services were the core of CI’s services throughout the pandemic. Like many food programs, we doubled the number of clients served due to the generosity of our donors. Based on the data we’ve collected, nearly 25,000 clients received food from our Food Pantry or Community Lunch Programs.

2021 Youth Achievement Program Participants pie chart image: Males 42% and Females 58%

Although schools and many education programs were closed, CI switched to virtual programs and served nearly 600 children. With school re-opening and student volunteers back on campus, we will serve even more youth in the upcoming year.