Optional Programs and Services (open to all Adult Education students)

Job Road:  Want to get a new/better job? Job Road counselors help:

  • Create or improve your resume
  • Guide your job search
  • Coach/practice interview skills


College Road:  Want to enroll in college?  We help in so many ways:

  • Sign up with a college counselor to help you select the college best for you and apply for financial aid
  • Attend our College Prep 6-week Seminar series taught by a Columbia Professor
  • Attend Core and Community luncheon seminars taught by Columbia professors to get a sense of college level rigor
  • Sign up to be paired with a current Columbia student as a Mentor to help you with study skills and college level work
  • Join free field trips each term to widen your knowledge and awareness of resources in New York City


Computer Classes:  To succeed in college or the workplace these days you need computer skills.  Sign up for computer classes where you will:

  • Learn how to use the computer on the actual GED test
  • Learn essential computer skills in MS Office Suite and Google docs


Social Service Referrals:  All adult education students are assigned Social Services Counselors who can help you access services to solve practical life problems such as:

  • Child care
  • Elder care
  • Health Insurance
  • Food Stamps & SNAP
  • Housing
  • EI Tax Credit
  • Neighborhood Schools
  • Mental Health Support
  • Other Government Programs